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Social Action Throughout Covid-19 Pandemic, Softex Indonesia Received TOP CSR Award 2020

Jakarta, 5 June 2020. Softex Indonesia received Top Corporate Social Responsibility Award of The Year 2020 for category Special Award for Covid-19 Handling Activities. This award is a recognition given by Tras N Co Indonesia and media for various CSR actions carried out by Softex Indonesia to support the community in facing the Covid-19 pandemic.


Since March 2020, Softex Indonesia was successfully distributed aid worth Rp 350 million and keep continued its social action since the pandemic is not over yet. Aid that has been distributed consist of Rp 214 million in the form of 62 thousand of Softex Indonesia’s personal hygiene & health products, including: Softex feminine pads, Sweety baby diapers, Confidence adult diapers, Softies Hand Sanitizer, Softies Anti-Bacterial Wet Wipes, Softies Daily Mask and cloth mask. While, Rp 136 million was distributed in the form of basic food and ready to eat food. These assistances are channelled through community organizations, regional government office, ministerial office, and direct delivery to healthcare facilities.


In addition, Softex Indonesia also held a fundraising campaign softexlawancorona on platform. This initiative was taking to invite active participation of Softex Indonesia employees in the response of Covid-19 pandemic. Fundraising campaign has been running since March 2020, till May 29, 2020, funds raised have reached Rp 126 million. All collected funds were distributed to 6 Hospitals in Sumatra and Kalimantan in the form of medical devices and personal protective equipment (PPE).


Due to ongoing Large-Scale Social Restrictions, the Awarding Ceremony of Top Corporate Social Responsibility of The Year 2020 was held online using the Zoom application on Friday, June 5, 2020, at 2-4 pm. Online press conference which was attended by the local and national mass media was held right before the awarding ceremony.

Head of Human Resources & Sustainability Project, M. Zaenal Abidin explains the objective of Softex Indonesia social actions, "Of course we want Covid-19 pandemic end very soon and we can all get back to normal situation while maintaining healthy habits and minding physical distance. We believe by working hand in hand to help affected parties, we will be able to minimize the negative impacts and make it through this difficult time."


Top Corporate Social Responsibility of the Year 2020 award was given based on the results of the 100 Top CSR Index survey conducted in March-May 2020, of more than 500 companies surveyed in Indonesia. The survey was conducted using the desk survey method which refers to data of published news release in various online media or company websites. This survey uses 3 parameters, which are: CSR Concept, CSR Impact, and CSR Face Value.