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Softex Indonesia Collaborates with Taman Safari Indonesia Supports Feed Aid for Owa Jawa (Hylobates moloch)

As the real effort to conserve Indonesian endemic species, Softex Indonesia, in collaboration with Taman Safari Indonesia, embodies a form of concern by providing feed aid for Indonesian endemic species, particularly the Owa Jawa (Hylobates moloch). This cooperation program was marked by the signing of an MOU by the Director of Softex Indonesia, Djali Halim, and the Director of Taman Safari Group, Drs. Jansen Manansang, M.Sc on Saturday (12/9) in Cisarua, Bogor. The feed aid supported by Softex Indonesia through the program reached 500 million rupiah.

“It’s a form of our concern during a pandemic, which not only focuses on lightening up the burden due to the impact of pandemic of COVID-19 in Indonesia, but also paying attention to the survival of Indonesian endemic species. This is not just the part of the government or conservation agencies, but all of us,” said Djali Halim.

Softex Indonesia realizes that a success is not only measured by business performance improvement, but also by prioritizing environmental conservation efforts and contributing a positive impact to the environment and society. To expand this positive impact, the collaboration among multi-stakeholder is a must. It encourages the collaboration program with Taman Safari Indonesia.

"We will not stop here and will continuously expand our conservation commitment through the feed aid programs for others Indonesian endemic species, including the Sumatran Tiger, Sumatran Elephant as well as Rhino, Orang Utan, and Bali Starling, by collaborating with other institutions in Indonesia,” he added.

Softex Indonesia expects that through the feed aid collaboration program with Taman Safari Indonesia, we could make a positive contribution, particularly for the preservation of Indonesian endemic species, as well as to run sustainably through other Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs.