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Kotex Commemorates International Day of the Girl with #GirlUnrestricted Campaign

In a world full of possibilities where every girl is empowered to experience unrestricted girlhood, we celebrate their unstoppable spirit

Jakarta, October 11th 2021 – Now in its 10th year, International Day of the Girl is held on October 11 to promote the rights of girls and to empower them to fully participate in decisions that affect their lives. As pandemic disruption and a widening digital divide disproportionately impacts women and girls around the world, new research conducted by Kotex, a brand of Kimberly-Clark, has found that teen girls in Asia Pacific are growing up with unprecedented pressure, and see the opportunity to tap into a community of girls as a support mechanism.

The research highlights that the classic struggles of puberty are amplified today against a backdrop of issues that range from climate change to cyber-bullying and unrealistic societal expectations. Most adolescent girls believe that social limitations restrict the opportunities they have access to, but around three-quarters see their fellow women as allies. Across the region, where stigma around periods and period stereotypes are rife, change is much needed.

These findings underscore the importance of International Day of the Girl in 2021 in acknowledging adolescent girls as they journey towards their chosen future. In support of this vital effort, Kotex is stepping up to engage girls’ communities across Asia Pacific in the Kotex #GirlUnrestricted campaign, a region-wide drive to amplify girls’ voices, fight period stigma within society, and build futures through education.

"Kotex encourages girls to navigate her girlhood journey on her terms, and grow up with more ‘coulds’ and less ‘shoulds’. We believe that a girlhood unrestricted is a girlhood full of possibilities and envision a more forgiving world where girls can live every adventure, embracing mistakes not as a step backward, but forward in their journey of growth.  This is in line with Kotex’s purpose to remove barriers to girls’ progress, be it from period stigma or other societal factors.” said Beatrix Wijaya, Senior Marketing Manager Kotex Indonesia. "In the spirit of International Day of the Girl, Kotex’s #GirlUnrestricted campaign encourages girls to celebrate the unique person that she is, warts and all, and to see her girlhood as a journey of possibilities, rather than any fixed destination.”

From personal style and individuality to an active lifestyle, Kotex aims to inspire confidence in every aspect of femininity, offering the right products to meet girls’ changing needs and values.  Kotex is a brand aligned with the eco-conscious, socially aware younger generation, promising transparency and making a lasting positive impact for girls, women and the planet.

To kick off the campaign, a region-wide #GirlUnrestricted video will be launched encouraging girls to embrace their uniqueness and experience girlhood on their own terms. Local market activations, such as KOL engagement, cooperation with girl-driven non-governmental organizations and the enrichment of ongoing school outreach programs, will continue conversations to counter period stigma and myths. These are all part of the menstrual health and hygiene education programs Kotex has been supporting in the region for 50 years. In 2020, these programs reached 1.8 million people in Asia Pacific, including youths, parents, educators and community leaders. The brand plans to significantly accelerate these efforts in the next few years.

"We are excited to launch the Kotex #GirlUnrestricted campaign in celebration of International Day of the Girl. Every girl encounters change as she grows, but just as girls figure out periods, we trust our girls to figure out whatever comes their way in her journey. We see our role not as the one providing all the answers, but rather use our influence as a brand they love to create more opportunities for girls to feel heard, be supported and celebrate each other." said Febrina Herlambang, Head of Communications Kimberly-Clark Softex Indonesia. "Kimberly-Clark and the Kotex brand will remain focused on eliminating stigma, enhancing access and improving key outcomes for women and girls in the areas of education and overall health and wellness.”

To learn more about the Kotex #GirlUnrestricted campaign, visit: Kotex launches #GirlUnrestricted on International Day of the Girl - YouTube.