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Promoting Integrated Waste Management, Kimberly-Clark Softex Has Achieved Indonesia Green Awards 2021

Jakarta, 7 April 2021 - Kimberly-Clark Softex (PT Softex Indonesia) has achieved Indonesia Green Awards (IGA) 2021 for the category of Promoting Integrated Waste Management. Taking place at Hotel Indonesia Kempinski, Jakarta, this award was directly granted by Deputy Minister for the Environment and Forestry, Dr. Alue Dohong, M.Sc, accompanied by the Chairman of The La Tofi School of CSR, La Tofi.

The award received by Kimberly-Clark Softex (PT Softex Indonesia) is the second time, after in the last 2020 successfully won the category of The Best Program Indonesia Green Awards (IGA) 2020. The Indonesia Green Awards itself is an award given by The La Tofi School of CSR to companies that have high concern for the environment through various kinds of creativity.

Through this award, Kimberly-Clark Softex (PT Softex Indonesia) is considered successful in being a pioneer in efforts to manage the environment in a sustainable manner through a used baby diaper recycling program. Since 2019, Kimberly-Clark Softex (PT Softex Indonesia) in collaboration with a number of non-governmental organizations and waste banks, has recycled approximately 17.4 tons of used baby diapers, and currently owning 4 recycling facilities located in Tangerang (Banten), Karawang, and Bandung (West Java), Banyuwangi (East Java). In the coming times, Kimberly-Clark Softex (PT Softex Indonesia) will expand its recycling facility to Surabaya, East Java.

At their number of recycling facilities, Kimberly-Clark Softex (PT Softex Indonesia) reprocesses used baby diapers conventionally or by using hydrothermal and pyrolysis technology to become value-added products, such as pok-bricks, fuel oil, fertilizer, and other handicrafts.

Kimberly-Clark Softex’s initiative in the social and environmental has also successfully contributing to the 3 goals of United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs), namely Goal #12 on Responsible Consumption and Production, #14 on Life Below Water, and #17 on Partnerships for the Goals.