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Sustainability Project of Recycling Used Baby Diapers Into Fertilizers, Planting Media and Biogas in Tangerang

In September 2019, Kimberly-Clark Softex launched its first Sustainability Project, Recycling Used Baby Diaper in Tangerang. Partnering with Sarana Olah Sampah, an environmental community organization, the project engaged 11 local day-care, orphanages and pre-schools as sources of baby diapers wasted. Furthermore, this project has been supported by Tangerang city government, who has been very encouraging and has been actively promoting waste management activities in Tangerang city.

Kimberly-Clark Softex, producer of baby diaper Sweety, is committed to reducing environmental impact caused by used baby diaper. Therefore, the Used Baby Diaper Recycling Management Project, an initiative to recycle used baby diapers into fertilizer, planting media and biogas is a real move that demonstrates the company’s commitment to the environment and social impacts.