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Kimberly-Clark Softex Shows Its Commitment in Creating a Better Life through Nearly IDR 7 Billion Supports for Social Impact Programs

Kimberly-Clark Softex's social impact program has reached nearly 41,000 beneficiaries in 18 provinces in Indonesia with Rp. 6.97 Billion worth of support by 2020


Jakarta – 11 November 2021 - Taking the momentum of the National Health Day, Kimberly-Clark Softex (PT Softex Indonesia) publishes Sustainability Report 2020. In carrying out sustainability activities, Kimberly-Clark Softex encourages the spirit of collaboration, partnership, and active participation from employees to show that anyone can contribute to a better life for many people. Commemorating National Health Day, we publish a Sustainability Report 2020 under the theme "Striving Toward a Better Life Together", which aligns with the spirit to make a better life.

"Since 2018, we have published sustainability report annually. This is our third sustainability report, which includes information for 2020. We continue to commit to implement sustainability principles in our operations, considering environmental impacts throughout the supply chain, in order to support the improvement of people's lives because we believe that the health and well-being of employees, consumers and companies depend on a healthy and supportive environment," said Hendra Setiawan, President Director of Kimberly-Clark Softex.

Kimberly-Clark Softex believes that the spirit of giving back to the community belongs not only to the company but to all employees. In 2020, as many as 40,557 people benefited from social impact activities carried out with the active participation of 1,579 Kimberly-Clark Softex employees. The company's total investment for social impact activities from 2016 until 2020 has reached almost IDR 7 billion for 37 cities in 18 provinces in Indonesia. Kimberly-Clark Softex is proud to measure, monitor, and manage its sustainability performance. Furthermore, supporting the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Here are important facts & figures listed in the Kimberly-Clark Softex Sustainability Report 2020:

For climate action, Kimberly-Clark Softex saves up to 915,651 kWh of energy which is equivalent to planting 10,730 trees over 10 years compared to the amount of carbon dioxide (CO2) that can be absorbed. As for waste management, in less than two years, the company has managed to recycle 10,735 metric tons of used baby diapers from 22 collection points spread across four cities in three provinces. That initiative made Kimberly-Clark Softex the pioneer of Indonesia's used baby diaper recycling program. Moreover, in 2020, Kimberly-Clark Softex reduced more than 28 metric tons of plastic use from the production line.

"We are grealty helped by the program owned by Kimberly-Clark Softex. The recycling program for used baby diapers has greatly supported our activities in educating the public on sorting waste and expanding waste bank services. Through this program, more and more people are interested in sorting waste, we have reached more than 1,000 new customers in the Greater Bandung area. Moreover, we also see that this program supports government programs in reducing the negative impact of products on the environment," said Fei Febri, CEO of Bersinar Waste Bank, Kimberly-Clark Softex's partner on the flagship CSR diaper recycling activity.

Kimberly-Clark Softex also owned a Gender Equality Program for a more comfortable work environment, attracting more talents, and providing equal opportunities for all employees, including women. In addition, inclusiveness is also the company's breath in carrying out its business operations so that it always brings sustainable impact to the community.

“At Kimberly-Clark Softex, we always value inclusiveness and open opportunity for everyone. Currently 35% of our workers in Middle and Senior Manager positions are women, and in 2020, we are starting to include disabled workers in our team at the Sidoarjo Mill. We believe to be the best consumer products with a good brand portfolio, company should go beyond offering superior products, collaboration with all stakeholders, using the best talent and good business practices are essential to achieve sustainable growth.” concluded Hendra Setiawan.