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Celebrating Indonesia’s Independence Day, Sweety Launches the All-New Sweety Gold Pants NextGen, Allowing Infants to Move in Freedom!

The Latest Technology All-New Sweety Gold NextGen Diapers Make Babies Free to Move and More Comfortable


Jakarta, 16 August 2021 – It's never too early to make meaning of Independence Day, including providing positive freedom for babies or toddlers. Being active and free to move are the key so that the baby undergoes a maximum growth and development process, including using diapers in their daily life. Because your little one has not been able to express what they are feeling, it is normal for parents to be more responsive to meet the right needs, including choosing the best baby diaper. A study from National Institutes of Health revealed that the use of diapers can affect the flexibility of the baby's movement, especially when they are. While on the other research from NHS, said that toddlers should spend at least 180 minutes* or 3 hours a day doing a variety of physical activities.

All-New Sweety Gold Pants NextGen, which is part of Kimberly-Clark Softex (PT. Softex Indonesia), understand the community’s needs in providing comfort and freedom of movement for your little one through the presence of good quality diapers.

"In this independence month, we want to give the best for the next generation of Indonesia. Through the launch of the All-New Sweety Gold Pants NextGen, we hope to play a role in supporting the growth and development of your little one through our product. As part of Kimberly-Clark, we have a vision to improve the quality of life for all generations, including babies and toddlers. All-New Sweety Gold Pants NextGen we launch for Indonesian babies and toddlers with our latest innovations that are better but without price changes." said Hendra Setiawan, President Director Kimberly-Clark Softex Indonesia.

Sweety is an Indonesian product with over 18 years of experience, that has been clinically tested by an Australian Dermatologist as a hypoallergenic and safe material for a baby's skin. The new product #DiaperAntiMager All-New Sweety Gold Pants NextGen presents with the latest series of technologies.

Furthermore, Kimberly-Clark Softex also initiated a campaign called "Indonesia Cegah Ruam Popok" (Indonesia Rash Prevention Campaign) to educate parents about the risk of diaper rash. The goal is to optimize the growth of Indonesian children. In 3S program as the solution to prevent diaper rash: Prepare high-quality diaper, Change the diaper, don’t wait until it’s full, and Perfects the baby’s hygiene.

"For me, the thing that is non-negotiable products for children is convenience and its sustainable impact on their future development. Therefore, I believe in Sweety, especially now with the All-New Sweety Gold Pants NextGen. I like the new feature Adaptive Intelligence TechnologyTM, there is 3D Line Flexy-Dry which I really like because even though my child peed many times, the diaper is not bloated. Also FitFlex Technology with elastic rubber from Lycra HyFit®️ which is very soft & fits very well on my son's body, really supports the movements of my son who is learning to walk. Plus, the quality of the diaper has been tested by Australian Dermatologist to keep my son’s skin healthy and allergy free. And I always do the 3S: Prepare high quality diaper, Change the diaper don’t wait until it’s full, and Perfects the baby’s hygiene, to prevent diaper rash on his skin. So, I highly recommend #DiaperAntiMager because the latest technology makes it easy for children to move at all," said Ayu Dewi, a celebrity - mother of 3 children as well as Sweety's brand ambassador.

Launched in the midst of challenging conditions during the pandemic, All-New Sweety Gold Pants NextGen is committed to providing the best for their customers. The spirit of independence also wants to be echoed for Indonesian children who are more cheerful and free to move with #DiaperAntiMager. All-New Sweety Gold Pants NextGen is available in M, L, XL size variants and can be purchased on the market starting at the end of August 2021.