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Bloggers Meet Up bersama Softex Daun Sirih

Modern women nowdays, have an important role to maintain the balance of life. Not a few women do a  multiple roles, a career and become a housewife. You can imagine how great modern women today are in maintaining all matters ranging from work to family, all of the work must be balanced and should not be neglected. So, isn't it very important for women to stay healthy, so that everything is maintained? Then, who can take care of them?

PT Softex Indonesia with the vision of "Enhancing the Quality of Life", greatly contributes in improving various aspects of the quality of human life, especially women. With the superior product of Softex Daun Sirih, we make Indonesian women aware to always stay healthy, especially in the area of ​​womanhood as the most important area for women. Carrying the message of "Bebas Sehat, Worry Free!", Between busyness and solid responsibilities, Softex Dun Sirih will #JagainKamu Indonesian women with antiseptic Sirih Leaf. The ability to inhibit the growth of bacteria and absorb within a second, a solution to be more healthy and safe. Hypoallergenic Clinical Tested at Australia Laboratory makes women worry-free to try, especially for those who have sensitive skin.

Therefore, Softex Daun Sirih conducts a series of activities to transmit the #JagainKamu message, one of which is through "Ngobrol Sehat, Bebas Worry" which we hold in 4 major cities, there are Jakarta, Palembang, Banjarmasin and Makassar, in collaboration with Hijup, The First Islamic E-Commerce Fashion in the world. Inviting 200 bloggers from the Hijabers community in each city, we held a talkshow with Dr. Bram Pradipta, SpOG, Anastasia Erika as the Softex Daun Sirih Representative Brand Softex and a list of famous celebrities such as Lulu Elhasbu, Ayu Pratiwi, Ashry Rizqky Rabani, and Indah Nada Puspita. We discuss about how important it is to maintain the health of the female area with healthy habits that must be applied as early as possible, such as changing pads and pantyliners every 3 hours, using pads or pantyliners that have been clinically tested Hypoallergenic and Halal.

In this event Bloggers get beautiful hampers from Hijup and Softex Daun Sirih to keep them beautiful, healthy and worry-free while doing their activities. At the end of the event, Bloggers reviewed the "Ngobrol Sehat Bebas Worry" program and Softex Daun Sirih products so that the wider awareness of women for a healthier life began with protecting the female area. There will be a prize of Rp. 1,000,000 and a Softex Daun Sirih Package for 1 year each for 5 winners. 

To support Indonesian women to live healthier, we encourage Bloggers to spread the #JagainKamu message via social media such as Instagram or Facebook. We hope that the wider awareness of women to be able to look after each other, and the higher the awareness of women to live healthy, can lead to a better quality of life in the future. So, what are you waiting for, let's live cleaner, healthier, and be Worry Free!