Sweety Silver Pants Gender (Boys & Girls)

Sweety Silver Pants Boys & Girls is a pants diaper for babies. This diaper has an innovative Diamond Layer Technology (diamond-patterned diaper) to distribute and absorb liquid extra fast, reducing the risk of liquid contacting baby’s skin. Its Extra Soft Elastic band at waist & thigh does not leave red marks or irritation. Sweety Silver Pants Boys & Girls has been clinically proven by Australian Dermatologist, Halal certified, and BPA Free certified, making it the experts’ choice of moms and babies.

The advantages of Sweety Silver Pants Boys & Girls:

  1. Diamond Coating: Diamond patterned coating technology which absorbs liquid 1 second reduces liquid temperature with baby's skin
  2. Soft Cotton Breathable: The lining material is as soft as cloth and breathable, preventing moisture on the baby
  3. Natural Aloe Vera Moisturizer: Protects baby's skin from dryness and irritation
  4. Slim Comfort Design: thinner diaper, fits baby's body, more comfortable to wear
  5. Extra Elastic and Soft: Extra elastic and soft waistband and thigh circumference. No traces of irritation or
  6. Wider Back Side: The back of the baby's diaper is wider and covers the baby's bottom for more comfort
  7. Bacteria Controlled: Sweety now comes with bacteria controlled to prevent the growth of bacteria so that your little one's healthy skin is maintained
  8. 360 degree Leak Guard Protection: Prevents leakage from all sides when baby is active
S -
M 30
L 28
XL 26
XXL 26