Softex strengthens its commitment to being at the forefront in supporting Indonesian women achieving their dreams by removing barriers

Jakarta, July 6, 2023 - Softex continues to strengthen its commitment to support Indonesian women and teenage girls in realizing their dreams by eliminating barriers. As the first sanitary pads manufacturer in Indonesia, women’s needs have always been the main focus and act as guiding compass for Softex's journey up until now.

Riski Sutedjo, Senior Brand Group Manager of Feminine Care at Softex, stated, "The key to Softex's existence is growing together with Indonesian women. Therefore, we continuously learn and understand Indonesian women. We want to actively participate & contribute in their daily lives. For us, Softex's role is not only limited to being a brand that manufactures sanitary products but also as a brand that is closer, grow together, and inspire Indonesian women."

This commitment is not without reason. In a world where information can be easily accessed by anyone, anywhere, and anytime, Indonesian youth have culturally evolved. Softex conducted a study on teenage girls aged 15-24 from various regions in Indonesia in December 2022 and found that Indonesian women continue to evolve from generation to generation.

Indonesian women aspire to 1) become better individuals every day, 2) bring pride and happiness to their families and loved ones, and 3) define their dreams freely and make efforts to achieve them. However, it cannot be denied that there is still a strong stigma regarding traditional gender roles for women, such as societal expectations, behavior, appearance, and dreams.

"Nevertheless, Softex believes that no voice is too small to be heard and no dream is too high to chase. It is this commitment that drives us to appoint Voice of Baceprot (VoB) as the Brand Ambassador for Softex. VoB truly represents the values that we want to spread to other Indonesian women and teenage girls. We want to encourage women and teenage girls in Indonesia to have the courage to be themselves and have the freedom to determine their own dreams,” said Kiki.

VoB is a teenage rock band from Singajaya Village, Garut that has successfully gained recognition even in Europe and America. Their achievements can inspire Indonesian teenage girls to keep moving forward in pursuing their dreams.

"The experiences, challenges, and successes achieved by VoB serve as an inspiration for other Indonesian teenage girls, proving that with hard work and unwavering determination, they can achieve their dreams. With VoB as the Brand Ambassador, we hope to inspire more teenage girls in Indonesia,” added Riski.

Wii Rahmawati, the basis of VoB, expressed her enthusiasm for joining the Softex family as a Brand Ambassador. "Honestly, this is the most significant role we have received throughout VoB's journey over the past eight years. We are nervous but also excited about the trust placed in us by Softex, a company that we know is dedicated to empowering women. We never expected that our experiences and journey in pursuing our dreams could become an inspiration for millions of other Indonesian teenage girls. We are ready to spread that spirit together with Softex."

One of Softex's innovative products inspired by Indonesian women is the Daun Sirih (Betel Leaf) variant, which was launched in 2017. Softex became the first brand to introduce a categorization of natural sanitary napkin products. Today, Softex Daun Sirih is enriched with vitamin E, which offers benefits for feminine hygiene. This innovation addresses women's needs related to skin irritation. The betel leaf extract, known for its natural antiseptic properties, helps inhibit bacterial growth, preventing odor and itching.

Dermatologist and Specialist in Skin and Genital Health, dr. Astrid Teressa Sp.KK, stated, "Discussing feminine hygiene is still considered taboo by some communities in Indonesia. This can lead to a lack of education and knowledge about the importance of maintaining feminine area’s health for teenage girls. Simple examples like itching or irritation caused by the use of sanitary napkins can have detrimental effects on the feminine area if the causes and solutions are not understood, which can be disadvantageous for teenage girls, especially those experiencing menstruation for the first time and leading active lifestyles. It is recommended to learn about the contents, usage, and benefits of sanitary napkin products according to their needs," explained Astrid.

Softex consistently provides education to teenage girls in Indonesia about maintaining cleanliness and practicing menstrual hygiene management. Softex aims to involve teenage girls in Indonesia in the "Hilangin Halangan" (Eliminate Barriers) movement. SIRIHously! Join Softex and VoB in achieving your aspirations.