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Softex Indonesia Donates Feed Aid for Sumatran Tiger

Softex Indonesia re-donated feed aid for Indonesian endemic species. In collaboration with Medan Zoo, Softex Indonesia provides feed aid support for the Sumatran Tiger, as one of Indonesian endemic species. The commitment of this feed aid program took place virtually on 29 September 2020 and was attended by the Director of Medan Zoo, Drs. H. Putrama Alkhairi, and Director of Softex Indonesia, Djali Halim, along with a number of representatives from both parties in Jakarta and Medan area.

Through this program, Softex Indonesia donated feed aid for Sumatran Tigers in Medan Zoo with the donation value of up to 500 million rupiah for the next 5 months. On the same occasion, Softex Indonesia also donated the personal hygiene and health products such as Softies Hand Sanitizers, Softies Mask, and Softies Anti-Bacterial Wet Wipes which are expected to support Medan Zoo staffs in implementing health protocols during the pandemic of COVID-19.

Softex Indonesia realizes that the COVID-19 pandemic has an extensive impact on all aspects of life, including the survival of animals in several zoos in Indonesia. In this case, synergy and collaboration between parties, specifically between the government and the private sector, are needed to jointly protect Indonesian endemic species.

“Through Softex Care Club, which is a form of Corporate Social Responsibility by Softex Indonesia and as part of the company, we aim to involve and help the conservation of Indonesian endemic species that we need to care for and protect. This is a small part, but we believe that through this involvement and contribution, it is an honor for us, "said Director of Softex Indonesia, Djali Halim.

Director of Medan Zoo, Drs. H. Putrama Alkhairi appreciated the support and attention given by Softex Indonesia through the feed aid of the Sumatran Tiger at Medan Zoo. “The supports given by Softex Indonesia will be used to develop and maintain the existence of our Sumatran Tiger," he said.

The feed aid program for Indonesian endemic species itself was not the first initiatives taken by Softex Indonesia. Previously, Softex Indonesia had donated feed aid worth 500 million rupiah for the Owa Jawa (Hylobates moloch) at Taman Safari Indonesia on September 12, 2020.

The commitment to conserve the endemic species through the feed aid program will also be extended for other endemic species, such as the Orang Utan, the Sumatran Rhino as well as the Bali Starling. In the near future, Softex Indonesia plans to continue to support a similar feed aid program for Indonesian endemic species, namely the Orang Utan at the Gembira Loka Zoo, Yogyakarta.

Softex Indonesia expects that through this continuous program, it would lead a positive contribution, particularly to Indonesian endemic species’ conservations.