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3 Brands PT Softex Indonesia Gain TOP Digital PR Award 2019

As part of the biggest emerging economies in the world it is important for a company to continue explore the digital world and stay update with the current issues. PT. Softex Indonesia as the pioneer of Indonesian Women hygiene products are always provides innovative products, and focuses on consumers by establishing and consistently maintain communication with consumers specifically via digital platform.

Early 2019, PT. Softex Indonesia brands was awarded Digital Public Relations Awards from Tras n Co and This appreciation was given for Softex Daun Sirih, Sweety Baby Diapers and Confidence Adult Diaper’s achievements in building the Digital Public Relations at Indonesia. And this is certainly a positive thing for PT Softex Indonesia to continue and keep improving to do the best and inspire Indonesian women.

The Award :

  • Indonesia TOP Digital Public Relation Award 2019, Sanitary’s category : Softex Daun Sirih.
  • Indonesia TOP Digital Public Relation Award 2019, Adult Diapers’s category : Confidence
  • Indonesia TOP Digital Public Relation Award 2019, Baby Diapers’s category : Sweety Baby Diapers