Vision & Mission


To Take Part in Improving Everyday Aspects of Human Life

Our vision is to readily assume a responsibility in improving the various aspects of human existence. This includes paying attention to the effect our day-to-day action on economic, social, living environments. Our vision is put into action through programs with a balanced focus on people, planet and profit. This is further translated into activities purposely designed to bring tangible benefits to our society, consumers, customer, employees and shareholders.


To Enhance the Quality of Life of Those Touched by Us

To provide an expanding line of personal hygiene and health product and services – according to consumer’s stage-of-life, of high quality and value that will improve the well being and enhancing the quality of life of Indonesian families, and people everywhere in the world, now and for the generations to come.

Quality Policy Of PT. Softex Indonesia

PT. Softex Indonesia is committed to produce and deliver top quality, defect-free, hygienic products at competitive prices, complying with the prevailing laws and regulation, and always conduct continuous improvement to maintain consumer satisfaction and consumer loyalty.

Our Values:

  • CARE about the personal hygiene and take active steps to lead and promote the importance of human’s reproductive health system.
  • Set demanding health, hygiene, and heavy standards to safeguard colleagues, customers, and public, in the manufacture, and use of our product
  • Encourage Innovation
  • Achieve profit and consumer service objectives