Our Brand

PT. Softex Indonesia is made of many individual brands, each serving customers in different ways — but all with a focus on making people's lives better.



Softex Comfort Slim

Since 2013, Softex has collaborated with Sanrio Japan to use Hello Kitty characters in the Softex Comfort Slim and Softex Light Airy variants.

Softex Comfort Slim is a slim-type sanitary napkins dedicated for teenage active girls. This product is equipped with Anti-shake adhesive technology and the ability to absorb 1 second for dry surface.

Softex Light Airy

Since 2013, Softex has collaborated with Sanrio Japan to use Hello Kitty characters in the Softex Light Airy variants.

Softex Light Airy is an ultra-thin premium sanitary napkins dedicated for active teenage girls. This product is equipped with Anti-shake adhesive technology, 1 second absorbing ability, and very thin layers. So thin so you feel like you are not wearing any.

Softex Daun Sirih

The first variant of Softex Natural Line introduced to the market in 2011. Softex and Pantyliner Betel Leaf is using betel leaf extracts containing natural antiseptic to inhibit bacterial growth. The product is equipped with betel leaf application technology with the ability to absorb to dry in only 1 second, which will help the user to be extra comfortable.

Softex Maternity

The best maternity napkins in Indonesian market. Since its initial introduction in 2001, Softex Maternity is the go to choice for women in after delivery stage. Supported with super smooth surface and the longest length product available in the market (45 cm).


Launced in 2003 and the leader in its category. With continuous product improvement, Sweety now has broad variants that meet the consumer demands: Sweety Gold, Sweety Silver and Sweety Bronze, each of which has two types, Pants and Open Comfort. With the commitment to produce high quality products, have made us to won the Mom's Choice Brand for Ibu Cerdas Indonesia - Kartini Magazine, 2012 & 2013 and several other awards.

Happy Nappy

Created through product innovation, Happy Nappy Baby Pad is a baby pads without front adhesive. First available in 2009, Happy Nappy Baby Pad is designed to fit the baby's growth. Today we expand them to three product variants: Happy Nappy Pad, Happy Nappy Baby Diaper (Adhesive Type) and Happy Nappy Smart Pantz (Pants Type). In 4 years since the launch date, Happy Nappy has become one in the top five diaper in Baby Diaper Market in Indonesia.


A brand with expertise in adult care. We always wanted to create a better living of our parents and seniors by always innovating and improving our products. To keep up with the market climate and needs, we always innovate to meet their standard. Henceforth, we have 3 sub-brand: Confidence Adult Premium, Confidence Classic and Confidence Adult Pants.


A series of wet wipes launched in 2002, launched to meet the needs to all family members’ hygiene.
Softies wet wipes are made of soft and safe material (alcohol-free) and are the best choice to maintain cleanliness in daily activities.