Softex Leisure Activity

Softex Care Club (SCC)

Founded in September 2016, SCC is a thriving club of services-oriented employees who act in response to the need of communities. In this club, employee is the main actor / person in charge, however in all of our activities, we will involve company (and related departments), community/partner as well as media.

As a media for all employees to express themselves in a spirit of CARE and SHARE to society who in need so they can have a better and prosperous condition.

Focus Activities

Social Activities

Activity to improve the social welfare of the community such as disease prevention programs, mass treatment, community service, blood donation, visit to the orphanage, disaster relief by collecting donation and distributing to disaster’s victims etc.

Education Activities

Activity of guidance, instruction, and exercises to increase knowledge and experiences such as teaching the illiterate, training of health and etc.

Environtment Activities

Activity that aims to increase the quality, balance, stability and productivity and environmental programs such as making latrines, mangrove reforestation and others.