As one of most respected brand in Indonesia PT. Softex Indonesia has been awarded various awards. Early 2019, PT. Softex Indonesia brands was awarded Digital Public Relations Awards from Tras n Co and This appreciation was given for Softex Daun Sirih, Sweety Baby Diapers and Confidence Adult Diaper’s achievements in building the Digital Public Relations at Indonesia. And this is certainly a positive thing for PT Softex Indonesia to continue and keep improving to do the best and inspire Indonesian women.

In 2017 PT. Softex Indonesia through one of the product, Happy Nappy received awards from SWA as #1 Indonesia Original Brand. In the same year, even three other products from PT. Softex Indonesia namely Softex Daun Sirih, Sweety Gold and Confidence are also awarded as The First brand in Indonesia by Tras n Co and Business Update. Other prestigious awards are also earned by Confidence from Marketing Magazine and Frontier Consulting Group as Top Brand Award.

In 2016 PT. Softex Indonesia also received many various and prestigious awards such as Digital Popular Brand Award by Tras n Co, Top Brand Award from Marketing Magazine for Confidence brand. In addition to the branding and marketing awards, PT. Softex Indonesia is also awarded as Indonesia's Most Experimental Brand Activation Award from SWA. The other two products of PT. Softex Indonesia; Sweety (diapers for children and toddlers) and Softex also get the same award from SWA as Indonesia Original Brand.


  • Indonesia TOP Digital Public Relation Award 2019, Sanitary’s category : Softex Daun Sirih.
  • Indonesia TOP Digital Public Relation Award 2019, Adult Diapers’s category : Confidence
  • Indonesia TOP Digital Public Relation Award 2019, Baby Diapers’s category : Sweety Baby Diapers
  • 1st Winner (Indonesia Content Marketing Award)

  • The first sanitary napkins and pantyliner using betel leaf with comprehensive variants that have been recognized by Australian Dermatologist and Halal certificate.
  • Adult diapers open type with 3 inovations, soft and breathable cotton care, the first diaper with aloe vera extract and durable absorbent core in Indonesia.
  • Sweety Gold, the first baby diapers in Indonesia with Australian Dermatologist certificate.