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Softex Plogging Run 2019

In order to celebrate the 26th anniversary of Tangerang and Hari Sampah Nasional. Employees of PT Softex Indonesia who are members of the Softex Care Club (SCC) participated in the Softex Plogging Run held at the Sukun Square in Tangerang on March 31, 2019. 130 employees of PT. Softex Indonesia was considered successful and received a positive response from the community and Tangerang city government officials, one of which was the Head of Tourism (Kadis) of Tourism Raden Rina Hernaningsih and Tangerang Mayor Arif R Wismansyah

The Softex Plogging Run 2019 is PT Softex Indonesia's responsibility towards environmental problems, especially the problem of plastic waste. The program is unique because it combined two advantages, environmental clean-up activities where employees of PT. Softex Indonesia helps pick up plastic waste along the 4 km track road and morning jogging activities that will make the body healthy and fit.

During the event, employees have succeeded in collecting 165 kg of plastic waste, then handed over to the Reforma SHE team in Tangerang for recycling. In addition, during the activity gain up to Rp. 4,438,000, - as donation to be used for making MCK facilities in Karawang.

Let’s keep our Mother Earth Clean!