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Happiness Festival

In order to celebrate the World Happiness Day or known as International of Happiness Days, United in Diversity (UID) collaborate with Project Semesta held a festive celebration of global happiness movement in Happiness Festival 2018. Happiness Festival 2018 held in Taman Menteng on March 31 - April 1, 2018, with theme "Three Ways to Happiness" that introduce three important components to have a happier life which is harmony with fellow human, environment and spiritual.

Happiness Festival share several actions that can be done easily to maintain harmony within three elements during Happiness Festival 2018. Various workshops and talkshows held to raise the awareness of today's society in seeking happiness. There are also a variety of environmentally friendly tenants during the event. Music show from Andien, White Shoes and the couples company, and several number of artists and bands Indonesia also contributed to the happiness in this event.

PT. Softex Indonesia with the vision “Enhancing the Quality of Life”, participate and inspired the importance of the role of Indonesian women in creating a good quality of life. With the best product range for all ages, PT. Softex Indonesia provides the best to embody a healthier and happier Indonesian women. Anastasia Erika as Brand Manager PT. Softex Indonesia, share and inspirational talk show "Girl Boss: The Women Role to Make Happier Society" together with Tsamara Amani, Desy Bachir, Gracia Danarti, Danesya Juzar. Hopefully after listening to this talk show, Indonesian women are more aware of the importance of health to realize happiness. Healthy women create the happier life.

Talkshow “Girl Boss: The Women Role to Make Happier Society”

Collaboration Happiness Festival with PT Softex Indonesia has made a real impact to create happiness with a better quality of life. And reflected by the presence of 3 superior products with the latest innovations from PT Softex Indonesia at the Happiness Festival event, which is aimed to maintained the health of Indonesian people for all ages. Starting from a baby, with Sweety Baby Diapers, teenagers and adults, with Softex Hello Kitty and Softex Daun Sirih, and seniors with Confidence Adult Diapers. The Visitors of Happiness Festival are very enthusiastic on welcoming the various products from PT Softex Indonesia. Let’s make Indonesian Women Healthier and Happier.