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PT. Softex Indonesia Achieved The Planet Mark™ Certificate

PT. Softex Indonesia are pleased to announce that we have become a fully-certified organization with The Planet Mark™, an internationally-recognized and trusted sustainability certification program recognizing commitment to continuous improvement in sustainability and carbon reduction. Through rigorous carbon footprint measuring and reporting, The Planet Mark™ provides assurance that PT. Softex Indonesia is proactively addressing its environmental impacts.

The programme builds employee and stakeholder engagement and creates positive approaches towards sustainable development and resource efficient business practices. Uniquely, it enhances knowledge and communication skills in order to embed sustainability and energy-saving measures within organizations.

Supporting Eden Project and Cool Earth

The Planet Mark™ is partnered with the Eden Project, an educational charity and multi-award winning international visitor destination and centre for education in sustainability and innovation headquartered in Cornwall.

In addition, The Planet Mark™ works in partnership with Cool Earth, a charity that works alongside indigenous rainforest destruction to protect an Acre of Rainforest for every new Business Certificate it delivers.