CSR Events

Softex Care

PT. Softex Indonesia believes that success is not always determined by business performance or profitability, but we actively involve through programs with balance focus on people, planet and profit. This is further translated into activities deliberately designed to bring tangible benefits to our society, consumers, customers, employees and shareholders.


CSR Events 

Frequent and Infrequent Assistance to the Orphanage/Nursing Home

As a form of awareness and social responsibility to the community, especially for those who are in great need of assistance, PT. Softex Indonesia regularly donates a number of it’s products to orphanages and nursing homes located in Jakarta, Tangerang and surrounding areas.

Until now, there are at least five orphanages/nursing home who receive product assistance from PT. Softex Indonesia regularly every month. PT. Softex Indonesia is also working with several social foundation, education (school and university) and health department in social service to orphanage, nursing home, penitentiary and others.

Disaster Relief

As a form of concern for others, PT. Softex Indonesia took part in providing assistance to the victims of natural disasters that occurred in Indonesia. We donate and distribute urgent product line that be adapted with the needs of the victims, such as baby diapers, adult diapers, sanitary napkins and wet wipes to aid posts.

Contribution of careness is also showed by our employee by collecting  some of their money to buy medicines, blankets, food and toiletries to be donated to the disaster posts, they also often become official representatives of companies in delivering aid.

Bina Mandiri Indonesia Foundation

PT. Softex Indonesia in cooperation with Yayasan Bina Mandiri Indonesia (YBMI) seeks to educate the nation's next generation. To achieve this goal, PT. Softex Indonesia took part in several programs launched by Yayasan Bina Mandiri Indonesia (YBMI), this is some of our cooperation activities: