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About Us
Softex Indonesia Is Proud To Deliver Products And Services That Enrich The Quality Of Life Of Modern Indonesian Family Throughout The Nation. Its Excellent Corporate Heritage Has Serve As A Strong Foundation For The Growth And Expansion Of The Company.
Softex Indonesia

Pioneering the production and marketing of sanitary napkin products in Indonesia, Softex came into being in the early 1970s.  Since then we have grown into a leading consumer goods company in Indonesia and across the region of South East Asia. We are now proudly the owner of various market leading brands across the baby care, adult care, and feminine care industries. This is in line with our strategic vision to serve our consumers as they go through the human cycle of life. Some of our most popular brands are Sweety, Happy Nappy, Softex, V Class, Confidence, and Softies have become household brands with distinctive differentiation.  


Equipped with the intimate understanding of our consumers, our marketing campaigns and communication programmes have ensured that the company’s brands stay as the popular consumer choice in their respective categories. Successfully delivering their promises to provide the highest consumer satisfaction, our brands have consistently won many prestigious local and international awards


Celebrating the super-fast growth of the past decade, Softex Indonesia has also recently introduced a new logo. The new logo is designed to outline Softex’s standing as a professional and solid Corporation with the determination to stay abreast with the fast changing needs of our customers, consumers and business partners.  The logo also signifies Softex Indonesia as a Reliable and Trusted company with a rich heritage and experience in serving the Indonesian Consumers. The typography of logo further symbolizes the company’s desired image as an Elegant and consumer Friendly institution.

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