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    Press Release
    Softex Hello Kitty, Happify Your World

    PT Softex Indonesia launched its lates masterpiece, pads and pantyliner with beautiful design and cute, Softex Hello Kitty.

    With fashionable design innovation, and a layer of thin pad that absorbs perfect, will make the wearer remains happy when getting a woman period.

    Use Softex Hello Kitty 29 cm for heavy flow, Softex Hello Kitty 24 cm for a typical day (regular flow) and Softex Hello Kitty pantyliner for everyday use or for the last days of menstruation.

    Softex Hello Kitty provides comfort with an opening system "open/close" on the packaging, so that once opened can still be closed again, hygienic factor is maintained.

    Available at Indomaret and other nearby outlets.

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