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softex indonesia
Brand Innovation
Softex in Indonesia is identic and owns the same meaning for sanitary napkins. Produced and firstly introduced to market in 1976, Softex nowadays is growing as sanitary napkins for modern Indonesian females.
Baby Care

Sweety Baby Diaper was launched in 2003 and became market leader in the category afterwards. Sweety Baby diaper comes in two different types: Pants & Open. Pants type includes: Sweety Bronze Pants, Sweety Silver Pants, and Sweety Pantz Gold. Open type includes: Sweety Bronze Comfort, Sweety Silver Comfort, and Sweety Comfort Gold. Sweety’s commitment to producing high quality products has brought Sweety to be crowned as Mom’s Choice Brand for Indonesian Smart Moms - Kartini Magazine, 2012 & 2013.


Happy Nappy Brand was launched in 2009 through product innovation from Happy Nappy Baby Pad, a baby pad without frontal tape. Happy Nappy is designed to be suitable for babies’ growth. Happy Nappy has three product variants which are Happy Nappy baby pad, Happy Nappy Baby Diaper (Open Type) and Happy Nappy Smart Pantz (Pants Type).

According to Nielsen’s research, Happy Nappy’s performance is considered astonishing since it only needs 4 years to be the 5th in Indonesia’s Baby Diaper Market.

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