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Softex Indonesia Is Proud To Deliver Products And Services That Enrich The Quality Of Life Of Modern Indonesian Family Throughout The Nation. Its Excellent Corporate Heritage Has Serve As A Strong Foundation For The Growth And Expansion Of The Company.

The journey of Softex Indonesia began in the early 1970’s, in a singlet shirt factory under the name of PT. Mozambique Jakarta. During this time the company’s shareholders discovered the need for modern sanitary napkins through female employees who took home the remains unused fabric to use as sanitary napkins. As a woman and especially an entrepreneur, our founder saw this as an opportunity. She decisively took the ultimate steps to make the needed investment that led to the birth of PT. Softex Indonesia, the first manufacturer of sanitary napkins made in Indonesia.

Factory & Outlet: Jl. Bandengan (d/h: Jl. Mozambique), Jakarta

In the following decade Softex Indonesia came to dominate the Indonesia’s sanitary napkins market. Softex brand became synonymous with sanitary napkins from a company that truly understand the need of modern Indonesian women.

The 1990s arrived with a challenge. Globalization brings in similar products from across the world.  At the height of the Asian economic crisis, Softex poured all its energy and use its decades of experience and domestic expertise to come up with new products to enter new categories to meet the expanding needs of consumers at every stage of life. In the decade that followed Softex Indonesia once again dominated the Indonesian open type baby diaper market with its Softlove, Sweety and Happy Nappy brands.

By the turn of the century, Softex Indonesia has grown by leaps and bounds to allow it to stand shoulder to shoulder with some of the largest world players within the industry. In the year of 2000, within its main factory area of 8 hectares and more than 2000 highly motivated personnel (second factory became operational in 2010; third domestic factory in Sidoarjo, East Java, operated in 2012), productivity reached billions of units per year. 


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As a leader in the category of disposable hygiene products, PT. Softex Indonesia is determined to continue to stay as a leading player in the personal health and hygiene pindustry. Various CSR activities are regularly carried out to continue to improve the quality of life of women and families across Indonesia.

"We cater to the needs and improve the quality of life of Indonesia’s family"



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