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Better Living & Self Development
Education and Healthy
In order to improve the quality of education, Softex Indonesia provides HITEC star cars to visit schools in Indonesia. Softex Indonesia took Ihsan Idol to visit 155 schools in Indonesia and provide education to younger generation of women about the importance of maintaining health at an early age.
Roadshow at 250 High Schools and Vocational High Schools in Java and Sumatra
Feminine health education and the correct use of hygiene pads and panty liner
Theme: Softex “Light Up Your Days”

Softex Indonesia gives free health treatment for baby and underprivileged family. Free consultation for skin health is also given by doctor and dermatologists.

Bintang Hi-Tech Car, Iptek and health

In 2009-2010, PT Softex Indonesia and a social foundation are working together to do CSR program to improve teenager intelligence in some remote area by serve Bintang Hi-Tech Car. Inside Bintang Hi-Tech Car there is available scientific equipment and digital documentation about world-class scientific discoveries. Those teenagers can try the scientific equipment inside the car and they can improve their knowledge about science. Besides that, PT Softex Indonesia also gives free health check up to mom and baby in some remote area.

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